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Listing Videos are a great way to bring your listing to life. We offer a 1-minute and a 2-minute option. If you are looking to expand the reach of your brand and your listing, look no further than an HD Video.

Camera Footage

Drone Footage

Next Day Delivery

Professional Edit

Upbeat Music

Address Reveal

1 MIN VIDEO - $250

2 MIN VIDEO - $350

Our videos are designed to capture the viewer's attention and boost your branding. Every video is professionally edited by our highly skilled editing team and delivered the next day. 

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For the biggest return on your investment, make frequent posts on your social media and engage with your audience! Over time this recipe is proven to impact your social media branding greatly.

Social Media Reels Starting at just - $125

Professional Edit

Upbeat Music

Next Day Delivery

Reels have become one of the most preferred marketing methods for new and seasoned agents.

Reels are short 10 - 40 second verticle videos designed for social media highlighting the main features of a home.

Boost Your Brand With Reels!



Aerial Videos are a fantastic marketing tool for large properties or homes located in beautiful neighborhoods.

Drone Videos extend beyond your listing, providing a unique perspective of the home and the neighborhood. We capture nearby amenities such as parks and community pools, which help the buyers feel the lifestyle they can expect.

Drone Footage

Amenities Shot

Next Day Delivery

Professional Edit

Upbeat Music

Address Reveal

Our FAA Part 107 certified photographers ensure that your aerial services are not only impressive but also legally compliant.

*Note Aerial services are subject to FAA regulations and may not be available for every property*


Increased Inquiries - Listings with videos receive up to 403% more inquiries than those without.

Higher Engagement - Real estate videos can increase the time spent on a listing by 88%, keeping potential buyers engaged longer.

Wider Reach - Videos are shared 1200% more times than text and images combined, significantly extending the reach of your listings.

Lifestyle Appeal - Videos effectively help sell the property and the lifestyle it offers by enabling buyers to visualize and connect with their potential new home and community.


DFW 360 Media videos do more than just show the property, they tell a story. Every video is carefully shot using high-quality equipment and professionally edited to show the best of every property. During the shoot we identify key features of every home, whether it is the location of the property, stunning interior, or spacious backyard we focus on highlighting these selling points.


Real estate marketing is constantly evolving, and we are right there with it.

Keeping up with new trends is time-consuming and comes with a steep learning curve. Don't worry though, we do the heavy lifting to keep you and your listings ahead of the curve. From new techniques to new products we keep up with new marketing trends so you can focus on what you do best.

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Satisfaction Guarantee: If you're not completely satisfied with our services, we promise to make it right.

On-Time Delivery: Our commitment to timely delivery means your project will always be completed on schedule.

Continuous Support: From assistance placing an order to answering any questions you may have to product recommendations, we guarantee ongoing assistance and advice as needed.


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