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  • Tidy up landscaping 

  • Put away water hoses, toys, cleaning supplies, garbage cans, and other miscellaneous items that are not directly part of the exterior area

  • Arrange outdoor furniture as you would like it photographed.

  • Remove covers from grill, TV, and hot tub

  • Remove pet waste

  • Clean pool and remove any toys, leaves, equipment, etc.

  • Remove yard signs (for sale, home security, school, etc.)

  • Remove cars from the driveway and front of the house - Park it in the garage or down the street

  • Hide garbage cans


  • Vacuum/sweep/mop if needed.

  • Tidy couches and fluff pillows.

  • Minimize clutter (hide remotes, magazines, pet beds, kids toys, etc).

  • Hide visible cords.


  • Clear counters - remove appliances, paper towels, knives, etc.

  • Remove soaps, sponges, drain stoppers, and hand towels.

  • Hide pet bowls and garbage cans.

  • Remove magnets, pictures, etc from the refrigerator.


  • Straighten chairs

  • Properly set the dining room or clear the table of everything except maybe one centerpiece

  • Remove children's chairs, like booster seats (hide in closet or garage)


  • Make all beds and decorate if possible

  • Minimize all clutter including nightstands, dressers, end tables, etc (remove TV remotes, books, alarm clocks, etc)

  • Hide visible chords (phone chargers, TV chords)

  • Ensure any items under the bed are not visible


  • Remove all items from the countertop (soap, personal items, hairdryer, etc)

  • Wipe down the counter, sink, shower, and glass doors if needed

  • Hide all trash cans, plungers, toilet brush

  • Keep the toilet seat lid down

  • Remove all floor/bath mats

  • Remove all items from the shower/bathtub (soap, shampoo bottles, razors, loofahs, etc)

  • Remove dirty towels


  • Use the garage to store items you would like to hide unless requested otherwise by the real estate agent, we usually do not photograph garages.

  • Remove family photos/names if you wish

  • Hide holiday decor

  • Clean windows for a crystal-clear view


  • Turn ON all lights including lamps

  • Turn OFF all fans

  • Open blinds/curtains

  • Keep all pets restrained on a leash, in a crate (not visible in photos), or off-site.

  • Stay off-site or on a different level than the photographer during the appointment to avoid shadows, reflections, and accidentally appearing in photos.

  • You do not have to be present for the shoot, we will leave the house as we found it and turn off the lights before we leave.

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